Street has been selected to be part of

The Indiana Now 2016: The Bicentennial exhibition.

Art Museum of Greater Lafayette

102 South 10th St.

Lafayette, IN 47905

(765) 742-1128

We had a tremendous response from artists with a total of 557 entries by 203 artists. From those entries 73 were chosen for exhibition.

The opening receptions and the award presentations on Friday, May 13

In nearly every city, you can see at least one homeless person on the side of the street, with a cardboard sign, a few coins from a generous passerby, and a look of hopelessness. Their sad eyes and desperate begging have inspired me to paint the “Homeless” series, which is dedicated to them. In my paintings, especially “Street” and “Stories”, you can see a diagonal line that separates the blue side of the painting from green side. The green side has paper money on it, symbolizing the riches of the wealthy who walk by the homeless everyday. The blue side has clock parts, representing the time wasted on the street because of misfortune. All of my paintings from this series show faces of dirty and wrinkled people to show the hardships of living on the streets with no money. I hope that my artwork will motivate people to do something, give a dollar to a beggar, feel compassion for the poor, and understand the suffering of the homeless.