When I was living in Mexico, I studied the Mexican artists: Diego Rivera and Orozco.

This work is inspired from a legend of a Giant. A Giant perched in the mountains heard when Hidalgo gave the cry of Independence, ... he was a lonely pawn, issue of an Indian mother and Creole father. But when the Giant appeared before the rebel army, the men were so frightened that Hidalgo hide him in a sarcophagus, somewhere in Guadalajara to prevent him being killed by them.

One hundred years later, the niece of the Giant made the journey to find her uncle. A package was placed in a square : it was a block of ice containing Xolo, the god-dog with obsidian teeth.

A few days after the ice had melted, Xolo flared the location of the sarcophagus. Once the great Giant had been rescued, the three companions vanished, taking some Mexican earth with them.

Is this a tale whispered by the mountains ? Or simply one of the stories Frida Kahlo deposited into the ears of Diego Rivera to lull him to sleep ? Or a soft and violent dream Orozco saw in transparence on the walls of the city ?