Artist Statement

My inspiration comes from my travels, and the pictures I take: the local arts and crafts, the architecture, the costumes and the ancient arts.

I’m a manual person and like working with materials: paint, clay, glue, paper. I love the physical aspect of those materials, the feel of their textures in my hands. I have a very tactile approach of my art.

My current work is made of a mix of techniques: painting, collage, and drawing using different materials such paint, paper, markers to do figurative works.

Artist Biography

Painting has always been part of my life. When I moved to Mexico from France, painting became my main activity.

I needed to get busy with my hands. I paint as an architect, who builds a project, steps by steps to have the satisfaction of the accomplishment. I have had the opportunity to work with Juan Rodriguez Flores and I have discovered the brightness of colors of Mexican muralists: Diego Rivera, José Orozco.

Recently settled in the United States, I have joined a group of Mixed Media artists.



Unitarian Universalist Church Indianapolis IN-

615 W. 43rd Street

September 17  – October 22


Waldron Exhibition  Bloominghton IN-

“Waldron off the Square”

April 29  – May 20

Opening Reception May 5


Indianapolis Art Center

“About Face”

Feb3- April 1


Columbia Club Indianapolis

“On the Circle”

March 7- May 9


Stutz Art Gallery


Feb 3- March 2



-Tiny V, Gallery 924, Indianapolis IN –

December 2- January 6(Juried)

-“Collective Imagination”

Columbus Learning Center,

Columbus, IN – August-November 2016

-“Indiana Now 2016: THE BICENTENNIAL”
Art Museum of greater Lafayette
Lafayette, IN – May-August 2016

-“Strength in Numbers”
Art Association of Henry County
New Castle, IN – May 2016

-78th Annual Student Show
Indianapolis Art Center
Indianapolis, IN – February 2016


-“Columbus Makes”
Indiana University Center for Art and Design
Columbus IN – December 2015

-“Déjà Vu”
Columbus, IN – November 2015

-“We are from here”
Columbus Learning Center,
Columbus, IN – June 2015

-77th Annual Student Show
Indianapolis Art Center
Indianapolis, IN – February 2015


Indiana Museum Of Art
Indianapolis Art Center

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