Artist Statement

My goal as an artist is to bring joy to others as I share my creative works.
My dream is to have my work enjoyed and recognized by others. I love the satisfaction of putting my ideas on canvas and watch them come to life.
My inspiration comes from people’s journeys and stories. I enjoy exploring the human mind and soul from people around the globe and incorporating it into my art. I love colors, their intensity and vibrations and juxtaposing unexpected combinations of them. Additionally, my feelings and dreams also inspire my art. I use authentic magazines, newspapers and postcards from days of old in my work. I use different techniques to produce my art: acrylic paint, ink, stamps, stencils and markers.
Creating art is my way of escaping into an ideal world leaving all troubles behind. Truly, art is my best friend. When I draw, my feelings are held within the shapes, colors and images allowing my emotionally-charged thoughts to be reflected from within the paint.

Artist Biography

Aline Chevalier was born in 1970 in Annonay, France. Aline has been creating art since a small child. Her mother used to say:  “Give scissors and paper to Aline and she can create for hours.”  When she was at school and during her professional life, Aline always found time to paint. In 2011, when she moved to Mexico from France, she decided to dedicate herself completely to her passion.

She has had the opportunity to work with Juan Rodriguez Flores and was inspired by the bright and colorful art of Mexican muralists, including Diego Rivera and José Orozco.

Aline recently settled in the United States where she joined a group of mixed media artists. In both Mexico and the US, Aline has shown her work in art exhibitions since 2013; and, has received several awards.


-IndyArtWerkz: Exit 158 to Frankfort

208 W Clinton St
Frankfort, Indiana 46041

February 4 – Mach 1


-Since I’ve Been Here

Learning Center Columbus

January 19- May 7


-80th Annual Student Show

Indianapolis Art Center
Indianapolis, IN

December 15 – January 27


-Tiny VI The Year of Vonnegut – Gallery 924

924 N Pennsylvania St
Indianapolis, Indiana 46204

December 4  – January 5


-Unitarian Universalist Church Indianapolis IN-

615 W. 43rd Street

September 17  – October 22


-Waldron Exhibition  Bloomington IN-

“Waldron off the Square”

April 29  – May 20

Opening Reception May 5


-Indianapolis Art Center

“About Face”

Feb3- April 1


-Columbia Club Indianapolis

“On the Circle”

March 7- May 9


-Stutz Art Gallery


Feb 3- March 2


-Tiny V, Gallery 924, Indianapolis IN –

December 2- January 6(Juried)


-“Collective Imagination”

Columbus Learning Center,

Columbus, IN – August-November 2016


-“Indiana Now 2016: THE BICENTENNIAL”
Art Museum of greater Lafayette
Lafayette, IN – May-August 2016


-“Strength in Numbers”
Art Association of Henry County
New Castle, IN – May 2016


-78th Annual Student Show
Indianapolis Art Center
Indianapolis, IN – February 2016



-“Columbus Makes”
Indiana University Center for Art and Design
Columbus IN – December 2015


-“Déjà Vu”
Columbus, IN – November 2015


-“We are from here”
Columbus Learning Center,
Columbus, IN – June 2015


-77th Annual Student Show
Indianapolis Art Center
Indianapolis, IN – February 2015


Indiana Museum Of Art
Indianapolis Art Center